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* always know that i'll come back to you

wow i haven't written in here for a while. though i'm not too surprised. the first few weeks are so intensely busy. met a billion people.

i absolutely love living in cluster. my roommates are awesome. vaneet (my upstairs neighbour) is never around much. she's in some sort of bio-chem-med thing. plus she has a boyfriend. so that basically takes up all her time. downstairs is kei and meaghan. they're both doing teaching. and guess what.... they're ALL vegetarian. so i'm not around here much. i re-met a bunch of geoff's friends. i saw them maybe once last year. jakob, matt, and rob. they live with adrian who i'd never met before. now i'm in their cluster pretty much all the time. people think i live there =P i feel bad that they let me eat there pretty much all the time so i do dishes and help them out around the place. rob liked me at first. jakob asked me about it and ended up telling rob that i only think of him as a friend. so now we're all good. i'm glad they don't mind me practically living there. hanging out with guys is so much more fun than hanging out with girls. and they're so much more easy going.

so yesterday i discovered that one of my favourite bands of all time (jack's mannequin) had an ep out that i didn't know about. (it only came out in august, and only on itunes, so i'm not surprised i didn't know). so i bought that =) and have been listening to the 4 songs on repeat for the past 24 hours. their new cd is coming out on sept 30th. two days after my birthday =D its so perfect haha. new music makes me so happy. if they ever came here i'd cry. i'd love to see them in concert.

so this morning i was awoken by the wonderful high pitched squeal/ringing of the fire alarm. i hate how it shocks you out of sleep. so had to stand outside for half an hour. our next door neighbours's lightbulb blew up and apparently started a fire. the smoke set off the alarm. i'm kinda scared of lightbulbs now.
at least the one time this happens at 8:30am in the morning i wanted to wake up for breakfast. i missed the caf breakfasts =P so i think i'll do that soon...

like now.

alright, shower time. i want bacon.
it's my last day at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm so happy =D
and excited!

i'll be in victoria in less than 48 hours! lets see... it's 46 hours now =P

i think maureen's going to make me help her do the bingo application today. i just typed more than half of it out two days ago online but she decided she wasn't ready to send it yet so all that work just disappeared.

well done the application.
and got my paycheque =D
yay for holiday pay added on!

well dave's gone now that it's 2pm. maureen's still here. working on some other part of the bingo thing. she's so stressed out.

i think i have to walk home today. ah well.

i'm so excited for tonight =D
i'm hanging out with julianne after i go home and change out of my work clothes. (note: i don't actually have 'work clothes', they're just clothes that i wouldn't really wear if i'm going to hang out with friends at salmon fest haha).
i haven't seen her in sooo long. i have so much to tell her!
and then my family is taking me out for dinner... which will be awesome. damian might come if he's free. but i have no idea what he's up to.
then britt, manda, julianne and i are watching the fireworks.
and then we might be hanging out at britt's. but she hasn't asked yet. silly girl.

tomorrow is going to be so much packing. or.. maybe not. i suppose i just have to pack my bedding, and my bathroom stuff and my clothes. pretty much everything else is already in boxes. i got cutlery the other day. it's pretty =)
i wonder how i'm going to pay for everything i need... i really hope that money from my grandma doesn't take too long to get out of the bank. it's stupid how i have to take a form from them, all the way down to uvic just to get it signed. and then it has to go all the way back to my bank before i can get the resp money. grrrr. i kinda need that to pay for tuition, textbooks and living items and FOOD. like yeesh.

i'm reading about the CIA. and before that it was lock picking and safe cracking =P

yay only 9 minutes left of my job here at the a.e.c.
my summer is over. and now it's back to school.
time goes by so fast. =P

it's almost fridaaaaaaay

after today is over, only one more day of work!!!
pleeeease let today go by fast and not be too boring.

the next few days are going to be sooo busy. today after work i'm walking around the high school with my sister so she can figure out where her classes are. then i have to go to some kitchen store with my mum. my nana gave me cutlery for my birthday from there (it was covered in cobwebs. like what the heck. could she not have cleaned it up a bit before giving it to me?). and i kinda want to see what else they have there in case i want to trade the cutlery in. she gave me a heavy stainless steel set. they're kinda plain looking but at the same time look kinda fancy. the big spoon is ginormous. anyways, after that i think i'm hanging out with charles for the last time before i leave. not sure what we're going to do though. then friday is work. and julianne is coming back from terrace that day. she's been gone all summer. i missed her. so i'm hanging out with her when i get off work. then we're going to meet up with britt and manda and go to the salmon fest fireworks. =) then i think we're going to spend the night at britt's. saturday is packing day. and i think i'm going out to dinner with the family that night. mmmm food. so that'll be fun.

i had the weirdest dreams last night. at one point i was talking on a cell phone but it looked exactly like a 2nd generation ipod nano. pretty sure that's because my dad was asking me about iphones last night. mike, stephen and wyatt were in there somewhere too. haha i guess my mind is already back in victoria. moving is going to be a hectic day. my old friend vikki wants to hang out in vic when i get back (since she lives there now). but i don't think i'm going to be up to much hanging out on the sunday. i have to get to know my roommates =P and unpack. i like unpacking. i hate packing. unpacking is so much more fun. you get to figure out where to put stuff. but packing is just trying to remember what you need and how to fit it all into boxes.

maureen just got here. she's taking the garbage out. and complaining about the office as usual. she blames all her problems on it. when she can't remember something she says it's the 'mold' getting to her. but i don't see or smell any mold. i want to tell her it's just her age. =P

i want to start running when i get back to uvic. last year i didn't exercise near enough. hopefully i can get in the habit of going everyday. damian said he'd run with me. but i'm not very good at running with someone else. that just gives me someone to complain to and convince to slow down or walk for a bit. running alone makes me keep going.

the phone just rang. it was a fax. i hate those. the phone just beeps and makes strange noises in my ear. it's always some junk advert.

maureen's still doing budget stuff. i was helping yesterday. though they just made me type stuff out for them and check calculations. i'm their slave =P

it's still cold in here. timmy ho's needs to deliver i think. i'd totally order from them all the time in the mornings.

when my family goes out for dinner on saturday (or possibly friday, it hasn't really been decided yet) we're going to the clam bucket. i love that restaurant. they give you tons of food. and it's always really good.

damian got an iphone yesterday. he was all excited. i don't really see the point. i'd rather have my computer at home, my ipod and my cell phone seperate. i admit, it is fun to play with though. chris let me play with his when i was over there (ooer) haha.
a new georgia nicolson book needs to come out =P now that i've finished the most recent one. though i suppose i could just read the series over again. like i did last year. those books make me so happy.

grrr maureen and dave say 'jive' way too much. it's getting annoying. everytime they do anything with numbers they say 'they jive'. why can't they use... correspond, match, work, fit... anything but jive. i'm sick of hearing it.

and i'm sick of this messed up keyboard. i'm better at using it than i was... but it still bugs me.

i bought new mascara the other day. it claims '9x the volume'. what a lie. but even though it doesn't live up to it's promise i still like it. =)

yesterday i was reading about bioterrorism and anthrax. why do i always read about weird stuff... honestly.
hmm what to read about that doesn't make me seem like a horrible person =P
i just looked up recent earthquakes.
there's been quite a few off the coast of vancouver island the past few days. though it says that "these earthquakes are too far offshore to be felt on land, and too small to generate a tsunami". hmmm... there was on the 25th, the 27th and two just this morning. they're getting steadily bigger. hmmm... creepy. lets hope they're not working up to 'the big one'.
i don't get it.... how can it say that it wasn't large enough to create a tsunami... the most recent one (at about 6am this morning) was a 5.8... i thought that was pretty high in the ratings. maybe because it's on the seafloor... i wonder how big it would have to be to make a tsunami from that position?

working with maureen on the computer is so frustrating. she thinks she knows what she's doing but she does things in such roundabout ways. and when i try to help she ignores me.

damnit. i have hiccups. they're so annoying. only way i've ever found that actually works at getting rid of them is to plug your ears and drink something. but you kinda need help to do that. so i'm stuck with them i suppose.

wow it's almost lunchtime. that means today is going by fast =)
thank goodness.

maybe i should start packing tonight. then saturday won't be so stressful... well, if i have time today i'll start. have to get a bunch of laundry done too while i'm here.

dave just showed up to help maureen. he's only been here 5 minutes and he's already said 'jive' 3 times. gah. i'm going nuts.

*yawn* one more hour then i can go home. there's nothing to do here.

ew. this keyboard is so dirty. all the sides of the keys are brownish. i wish i had something to clean them with. a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol would work. *looks up* well wouldja look at that. rubbing alcohol. right on the shelf above me. too bad there's no q-tips. ...maybe i'll bring some tomorrow. it'd at least be something to do =P

i want to get comfy insoles for my shoes. i had some last year. they made my shoes... or i guess my feet... feel awesome.

time to read more about scotland.

2 more days of this...

work is so amazingly boring this week.
there's honestly nothing to do. i've asked and they say to just surf the web. it's ridiculous.

only 3 more days. 2 more of work. and one of intense packing and making sure i've got everything. and then i'm off.

haven't done too much in the last few days. mum and dad brought my aunt's cat minnie home. she seems to like it in my room. spends most of her time purring in my face and sleeping on my lap. last night she kept me up. she was bouncing all over the place. up onto the windowsill. then down onto my face. then she'd purr for a bit before starting the jumping around again. now i know why she sleeps all day.

it's been cold this week. seems as though summer's over. that was fast. about a week and a bit ago i was still wearing shorts everyday and complaining about the heat. and now i'm in jeans and a hoodie pretty much all the time. and it's been raining on and off. of course it always seems to rain when i'm outdoors.

i went to see chris on sunday. the drive to surrey along the highway was intense. raining coming at us like bullets. and the wind blowing the spray from cars ahead of us, up into the air so that you couldn't even see 5 cars up. and in chris's little jeep the weather sounded like a jet engine (mind you, it was still really loud in there when we were on the way back and it wasn't all windy and rainy then... so maybe it's just the jeep =P haha).
we went and got bubble tea (really just a fruity slushie thing... rather tasty though. mine was strawberry and watermelon) and a&w. i saw an amusing poster at a&w. it had a picture of a big burger and it said "it looks even better in your hand". i rather like that line hahaha
then we went back to his place and was astounded by the size of his... hahaha i couldn't resist. as i was saying, the size of his computer moniter. it was pretty much a giant tv. and then he showed me his... haha.. projector screen. and that thing was ginormous.
very nice to watch movies on.
then we played rockband. i got to play the drums. i'd never tried them before. they're fun =)
but anything beyond easy is kind of beyond me.
we also watched some ninja goodness (olympic gymnastics).
and that was my day for the most part.
on the way back home we got on one of the new ferries. it was intense. very fancy. wood floors in some parts... pretty lighting... tvs playing cbc. we sat down at one point and serena and i watched the show that was on. no idea what it was, but it was some old movie. and we made fun of it. it actually was kind of funny at parts. the main chick was super over dramatic. and trying to seduce this old bachelor. but these two other chicks liked him too.. and ya. or at least... i think that's what was going on. i couldn't really hear it all that well. =P

burrr it's cold. i'm kind of regretting opening the door at the end of the hall. it leads out onto the roof. so cold air is blowing straight in, down the hall, and right under my desk. i want a blanket. and a hot chocolate. and a book. and to be home. grrr work.

haha that reminds me of when i was cold once and hanging out with my korean friend jack. i said 'burr' because i was cold. and he gave me this weird look. and i asked what. he didn't understand why i'd said burr. i said because i was cold. he asked what it meant. i said it doesn't really mean anything, it just something we say when we're cold. and he said it means 'bumblebee' in korean. hahaha

well time to find something to do. i may just have to write in here again if i can't find anything though.

da da do do, just dance

this weekend's going pretty well.

daddy wasn't there
to change my underwear
it seems he doesn't care
daddy wasn't there

haha i love austin powers. i just happen to be listening to the song.

had a sleepover with britt last night. we dyed each other's hair. mine's now darker brown. and it looks really red in some lights. britt's is darker and has a red sheen. didn't do too much today. watched v for vendetta with the rents again. then dyed julianna's hair ( i think i started a fad haha ).

going to nanaimo tomorrow because damian has to do some computer thing. oh well. it's something to do.

only a week until i'm back in vic. =D

since my aunt started living with her new guy, she doesn't have anywhere to have her pets so we're adopting minnie for the moment until she (my aunt) gets a more permanent home. though if minnie doesn't get along with our cats then it's not going to work. i think mum's going to get her on monday.

there was a whopper of a spider at britt's house this morning. it was disgusting. i couldn't look at it without my skin crawling. and then i'd get all jumpy.

woah... my dad was at the office (the police station) just a bit ago. and he just came in and told me that about an hour ago this little kid got run over... they're in hospital now. that's sad... i hope they're okay.

my dad and serena are going to the p.n.e. tomorrow. they're wondering if i want to come. though since they're going to see vanessa hudgins i'm not exactly tempted... but i might tag along and then take off to hang out with chris. not sure yet though. have to see what he's up to. damian won't be too happy if i decide to go... hmm

well... if i go see chris... i just hang out with damian a bunch tonight and we'll hang out after work on monday or something.
oh i have to remember that i have an eye appointment at 4 on monday.

well enough of that boring planning crap.
time to listen to music and surf the internets.

almost the weekend!

i'm so confused.
when i woke up this morning i was freezing and it was grey and gloomy outside. so i figure, okay, it's going to be cold today. and now that i get to work it's half sunny outside and kinda warm up here. so now i'm too hot. damn weather. make up your mind and stick to it.

and i'm hungry still. just had breakfast. if i didn't have to stay here, i'd walk over to timmy ho's and get a breakfast sandwich. mmm. here's an instance where a boyfriend comes in handy ;) hahaha

for once it's friday and i'm not going to nanaimo to see a movie. maybe i'll actually be able to sleep this weekend.

wow what a hassle... i was just about to print off my student loan application thing when the site told me that the school's study end dates and mine were different. and i'm like... what the hell. so i call down there. and spend 15 on the phone trying to figure out whats going on. but i think it's back on track now. but now i have to wait again for the school to do their appendix 3 thing. i really hope i get this sent off in time. urgh. but at least it's sorted i hope.

yay! i just got an email saying that the school did their part and now i just have to sign and mail this biatch. =D

i'm so gawddamn hungry. and bored. i'm writing up the notes from the bear aware meeting.
i wish i was at home. reading or something. maybe sleeping.

speaking of sleeping, i might be having a sleepover with britt tonight. i hope so. it'd be fun =) i'm really going to miss her when i leave.
she wants me to dye her hair. so maybe i'll dye mine while i'm there anyways. i wanted to before i leave anyways.

dad just came and picked up my student loan mail thingy. so it's all done! yaaay. now i don't have to worry about it anymore.

only 8 more days =O
i can't believe how fast it's gone by. but at the same time, i still can't wait.
moving is going to suck. even though the majority of my stuff is still in boxes haha
i hope i can fit it all in the car...

uuugh i want a nap. i think work needs to have a lunch break, followed by a nap break. so lunch for half an hour.. and then an hour long nap. mhmm. sounds excellent to me. =P

it's almost lunch time. i'm pretty darn excited to eat my sandwich. why am i so hungry all the time? i had toast *and* a big bowl of cereal *and* a couple plums for breakfast. you'd think that would last me a bit longer.

well time to get back to work!

movies, noises and hitler

i watched v for vendetta for the first time on friday night with dustin.
we turned on the tv and it just happened to be starting. we'd been planning to watch it so it worked out perfectly.
i love that movie. it was so good. watched it again last night. might watch it again with my parents sometime this week. since they haven't seen it.

there's a funny clicking noise coming from behind the desk... i think it's coming from this weird computer box thing. i've never heard it before. it's kinda loud. i wonder if i should be worried or not? every now and again it beeps too... hmm... kinda sounds like it's going to blow up. =P
now it stopped...

i was so tired this morning. all i wanted was to fall back asleep. for at least another hour.
but, duty calls.
only 7 more days of work =D
and 11 more days of being in port.

mum got all grumpy with me yesterday because i was talking to britt on msn while they were making dinner. apparently i was supposed to help. but britt and her boyfriend were having problems again and she was all upset and crying. and britt's mum had just been yelling at her and stuff. so i was trying to be there for her. and then mum gets all mad at *me*. honestly, she gets so moody. it's like she's the teenager. she ignored me all the way through dinner. wouldn't look at me. and made it really obvious that she was mad. and then after dinner she starts making icing for the cake and i said 'i can do that if you want'. and she doesn't even turn around. just pretends that she didn't hear me.
ugh. i hate it when she gets mad.

but she's fine now that i gave her and dad their anniversary present/dad's birthday present (i'm a terrible daughter for combining those, i know). which was the dvd and soundtrack of little women (a family favourite). and they don't sell either in stores anymore so mum was all happy.

i just had to answer the phone. some guy asking for some phone number. i have no idea where it is. so i gave them maureen's home number. and two seconds after i hang up, maureen calls. ridiculous.

i hope the next two weeks go by fast. though i'm sure they will. considering i swear it was just yesterday that it was the beginning of summer.

its cold in here again today. i'm in sweats and a long sleeved shirt... what happened to summer? though at the same time. i'm kinda in the mood for rain. not to say that i'm sad or anything. i like rain sometimes =) and today i want to hear the rain coming down outside.

i'm glad that clicking sound stopped. it was freaking me out.

i love peppermint gum. but not the really strong ones. just the sweet ones. it tastes like candy canes and reminds me of christmas.

it was stephen's birthday the other day. i didn't say happy birthday. i'm really kinda sad that we didn't all manage to still stay friends in spite of one little relationship. but it wasn't for lack of us who weren't in the relationship, trying to stay friends. i considered both of them very good friends of mine... but now that i haven't heard from either in about 5 months... so much for that. and mike's being very optimistic in thinking that they'll be different when we get back. bah, oh well.

i hate ads on the sides of webpages. usually i don't notice them, but right now there's a fat man in a toga beside this as i write. not the most inspiring picture.

i might be going to the mainland before i go back to victoria. not sure when though...
i want to go to ikea. i love that place. good ol'swedish furniture.

i'm reading about fascism and pesticides at the moment. not together though haha. and the fascism isn't for work. just perusing.

i could go for some breakfast right now. and by breakfast, i mean breakfast food. i did eat this morning. but it was a ham sandwich. i miss the breakfast spread at the uvic caf. deffers going there on my first full day back.

i just started saying deffers. i wonder why. no one else says it...

darn it not being lunch time yet. another 45 minutes ish.

i'm so bored of researching pesticides. it's gotten to the point where the info is repeating again.
hence the random studying of fascism.

and now i've moved on to read about hitler. heh, he dropped out of school. now there's something to say to your kids. 'don't be like hitler, stay in school!'

and now i'm reading about the internet.
apparently, as of march 08, about one sixth of the world's population uses the internet. i would have thought it'd be more.


woah. i kinda forgot i was writing in this. left it for about 2 hours.
just ate a nectarine. my favourite fruit. so juicy. mmm

i miss the mmm muffins store. they used to have one in woodgrove. they had tasty muffins.

i think i'm watching the movie 'smart people' later today. i wonder if it'll be any good.

aaaanyways i suppose i should get back to writing down some more pesticide facts. =(

blaaaaah ... work

i'm in a fairly good mood. but rather bored.
some guy from a-channel was in here a bit ago. he was looking for maureen but she'd just left to get the mail.
it's so weird seeing some guy that you normally see on tv, right in front of you.

i texted my friend in u.a.e. today. i wonder if it worked. the number is like... 16 digits long. haha

this weekend was so much fun. it made me so happy. and so sad at the same time. probably won't see dustin again til christmas. damian got all grumpy with me because i'm going to miss him. he was like, "well, he lives in parksville so you don't see him much anyways." but that doesn't make me miss him any less. he's just being weird.
we did more filming and stuff. i just took a ton of pictures.
i'm so glad wyatt goes to uvic. it's nice to have at least one of my good friends with me.

i wonder how kirstin's party went on friday.

i kinda want it to be winter.
summer's great and all, but i miss the cool weather. i want to get a new hoodie. and jeans =)
and i want snoooooow.
darn victoria and it's not getting much. it's one of the only times i miss being in port alberni. i still remember last winter, calling home and mum telling me that they've got tons of snow and it's still coming down. and i look outside to see bare ground.

only 12 more days. i'm soooooo excited

i need to remember to print off my student loan thingamajig today.
i also need to remember to change my cell number sometime soon. and maybe look at a different plan? maybe a student one?

oh and it's my dad's birthday today. and it was my parent's 28th anniversary on the weekend. so i have to remember to give them that present i got forever ago.

it's windy out today. for once it's actually kinda cool in the office. i could go for a sweater or something.

the creepy computer guy has gone back to ucuelet!! yay. now i'm not constantly in fear that he's going to come in.

i wish there was more to do here.
though talking to ahmed (who's in the middle east at the moment), talking to mike in vic, texting vicky who's in vic, and writing in here does keep me somewhat occupied.

well, only one more hour til i'm home!!
well here i am at work. once again.

yay for thursdays!
it means i'm that much closer to friday! and the weeeeeeekend
i can't wait.
i love going to parksville to visit everyone.
i'm going to nanaimo to see movies on friday night. and then apparently dustin, rob and i are going to see movies again the next day. and then sunday is filming.
should be a blast.

16 more days. i can't wait but at the same time.. it's going a lot faster than i thought it would. seemed like just yesterday i was saying twice that number.

mum's getting sad about me leaving. already.
she keeps giving me the look.
the sad, i'm going to miss you so i'm going to stare at you right now.
it makes me uncomfortable =P
and i think she's a bit upset that i'm excited to go back.
but i can't help it.
i love it down there.
it's my second home now. and when i'm down there... it pretty much feels like my first.

frank's sister-in-law is supposed to be coming in today to use the computer.
but she's not here yet.
why can't she just go to the library?
ah well.

hanging out with britt yesterday was fun. basically just sat at timmy's and talked for hours. i felt like i hadn't seen her in forever. it was a good few weeks. our work schedules never seem to work out nicely together. she's been having a lot of problems with her boyfriend so we had no end of stuff to talk about. i feel really bad because i know exactly how she feels. i was basically in the same situation with kevin, my first (real) boyfriend. (... and by real i don't mean the other ones were imaginary, i meant more, those relationships were at the longest a month and didn't feel very substantial.)

the creepy computer guy is supposed to be coming in today... i think i'm going to leave when he shows up. he has his first court thingy today.. so he's likely to be all pissy. and i don't want to be here for that.

where the heck is frank's sister-in-law? i thought she'd be here by now. maureen made it sound like she was coming in soon.

looks like it's going to be hot again today.
and that means... lake!!
i luurve the lake. i think i'll miss it when i leave.
i'll miss britt too.
and being home with the family.
and the cats.
charles too i suppose.
and i'll miss my parksville friends =(
probably won't see them again til christmas.
and i'll miss evan in nanaimo.
but that's about it.

anyways, work time!

*daydreaming i'm at the lake*

ugh. i do NOT want to be at work today. or all this week for that matter.

this weekend coming up should be fun though if all goes according to plan. i'm going to visit dustin again. have a movie marathon of sorts. should be a good time.

i went to long beach yesterday with mum and my sisters. it was awesome. the weather was a bit iffy but it got better near the end. the waves were huuuge. i really want to learn how to surf one of these days.

19 more days.
oh crap that reminds me! i can email housing now and find out who i'm living with i think.
email sent =)
i sure hope i end up with nice people.

ew there's fruit flies in the office. ...why?

it's nice and sunny out. which makes me want to work even less. i'd much rather be at the lake. basking in the sun and paddling around in the water.

i had the weirdest dream the other day when i had a nap... i think it was saturday. anyways, i was in damian's house (but it wasn't his house). and it had 3 floors. the top floor was his grandma's apartment. i was wandering around up there when i saw two miniture goats running around. and i thought "there shouldn't be goats in here..." so i was carrying them around and then, also upstairs, my friend evan was having a buffet. and his grandma was there. so i was trying to keep an eye on the goats while i ate.

yup. odd.

anyways, i suppose i should try and find something to do.